Due to high demand MFC Flight Chair orders may be delayed for up to 4-8 weeks.

Lift and Roll Extension

Lift and Roll extension for MONSTERTECH Sim Rigs.


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The lift and roll extension has the advantage that the Sim Rig can be moved.
It is attached to the back of the Sim rig. After successful installation, the Sim Rig can be raised at the front of the pedals and moved with ease.

Delivery time

The delivery time for complete MTX Sim Rigs is about 3-4 weeks.


  • 1x lift and roll extension

For setup and adjustment, a hex key set with ball head is required. (Not included)

Partially pictures of accessories such as controllers or seats, which are not included in the shipment of the product, are shown on pictures. These serve only to better illustrate the overall view.


Our design is constantly improving, so the finished product may differ from the version in the videos and on the images.

Modular construction design MTX

This product is part of the MONSTERTECH MTX Sim Rig modular construction system.