Pedal Quick-Change Set

Set for quickly changing pedal plates on the MTS Base Frame.

The set consists of the quick change parts and a pedal mounting plate.


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Pedal Quick-Change

Caps, grips and accessories for the pedal quick change set.


Pedal Mounting Plate

Replacement Pedal Mounting Plate for MTS Cockpits and other MTSIM products.

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The Pedal Quick-Change Set makes it possible to use several pedals on the MTS Base Frame and change them quickly if necessary.

After loosening the two star grips, the pedals can be lifted out together with the pedal plate.

Racing pedal plate with the Quick-Change Set on the MTS pedal bracket (part of the MTS Base Frame).


Technical Details

Scope of Delivery


1x Pedal Quick-Change Set
1x Pedal Mounting Plate *depending on selection

not included

MTS Base Frame
Pedal Mount

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